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Re: VEXpro - Communicating with external software

Not a stupid question, the VEXpro is running linux and you have Wifi so the most common way would be using TCP/IP. Start by looking into this - berkeley sockets

The VEXpro (or PC) will create a server, the other a client, the client talks to the server and they exchange information.


I took a look at the roborealm website, here is an excerpt from some of their documentation. I highlighted some relevant parts.

RoboRealm offers a complete API that can be used to control RoboRealm from external applications. The API communicates over a socket based XML protocol so that it can be used to access RoboRealm on the same machine or over a network. The API can be used to acquire images, send images to RoboRealm for processing, access variables, set variables, etc. Note that while RoboRealm plugins are used to extend RoboRealm the API is used to control it. The two differ in terms of who is in "charge". With the API your application is in charge, with plugins RoboRealm is in charge.
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