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Smile Re: VEXpro - Communicating with external software

Originally Posted by jpearman View Post
I don't know what you have tried already, I don't have a VEXpro but looked at the java code you attached. The code ran in eclipse and opened a window which presumably would show the video image. Did you try and run it in the eclipse IDE? If not you can download it from here. You need to have a java virtual machine installed to use it, if you do not have java, one source for it is here.

I'm attaching an executable jar file that you can run from the windows command line as follows.

java -jar watchVideo.jar --videoServer

replace the ip address with the address of your VEXpro, you should have the server already running but I cannot test that for you.

you can see the available options by running as

java -jar watchVideo.jar -h

hope this helps, I don't use java at all in my work but use the eclipse IDE for other development purposes.
I had tried to open the file several times and I kept getting an error message. I read the article again, checked for Java on my pc, downloaded and installed Java again, checked the internet for help, etc. I figured there was probably something that I missing so I decided to ask the forum for help. I didn't even think about trying the windows command line.

Why did you try running it in the eclipse IDE and how did you do that? I read the "readme" text file included with the software and I think it did say something about running the app on the IDE (TerkIDE for the VEXpro). That didn't make any sense to me though and I didn't know how to do that.

I don't know what version of the eclipse IDE you used, but if you could let me know what you did - I would really appreciate. I guess it's not really necessary since you included the jar file for me to run from the windows command line, but I would still like to know.

Thank you for all the help,

A former VEX Robotics Hobbyist
I miss it everyday!
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