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Re: VEXpro - Communicating with external software

Originally Posted by vexbot View Post
Why did you try running it in the eclipse IDE and how did you do that? I read the "readme" text file included with the software and I think it did say something about running the app on the IDE (TerkIDE for the VEXpro). That didn't make any sense to me though and I didn't know how to do that.
The readme file says the following

Open the java app in eclipse or compile it. Run it with the parameter --videoServer <IP of VEXpro>. Default resolution is 160 x 120 px.
So as I have no way to compile the java I used eclipse.

The procedure is (more or less)

create a new project
import the client/watchServer directory
add the jargs.jar as an external library

I don't know what version of the eclipse IDE you used, but if you could let me know what you did - I would really appreciate. I guess it's not really necessary since you included the jar file for me to run from the windows command line, but I would still like to know.

Thank you for all the help,
I downloaded eclipse for java as linked to in the previous post. Use the top file "Eclipse for Java developers"

Could you run the file I attached before? could you connect to the VEXpro?
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