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Red face Re: VEXpro - Communicating with external software

I'm sorry, I feel really stupid - I should have re-read the readme file before I asked for help. When the information for the VEXpro was first posted, it said the eclipse IDE would be used for programming. The VEXpro actually uses the TerkIDE so when I read that - in my mind it's what I thought they meant. The article never mentioned needing any other software besides what you normally used for programming the VEXpro. When you said you used the eclipse IDE, I wasn't sure if you meant a version you could use to program the VEXpro with or the one for Java at the top of the list.

I had some time tonight and tried the exacutable jar file you sent me. After a few tries, I finally got the pop-up window. I didn't try the eclipse IDE though, I decided to just use the windows command line instead. I really didn't want to use anymore software than I had to.

I haven't tried the files for the VEXpro yet, this was the part I wasn't sure about. The files for the VEXpro seemed pretty straight forward with the instructions provided. I did take a chance to look them over though. Hopefully, I can try everything out soon and it will all work - maybe I will get a chance this weekend!

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