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Re: Worse luck ever.... Any suggestions

If you're able to locate another computer to use, you get a 7-day free trial on the download of EasyCv4, so that should get you through the day until you can reinstall on your original computer. You probably have the link, but just in case, it's: As jpearman stated, your programs should still be on the old computer (most likely in the path he gave), even if you've uninstalled the program. If not, try searching for files with the extension *.ECPX

Once you find the files, you can copy the entire folder for each program, which includes all the auxiliary files. But if you choose to copy only specific files, you'll need both the *.ECPX and *.BDS files to open up your program.

We feel your pain! Two days before our first competition this season, our Cortex and Joystick refused to pair, and stepping through the pairing sequence in the manual didn't help. However, because we had old equipment, we had the luxury of reverting to the old electronic system with crystals. At the tournament, none of the other teams could get the pairing to work (which was both comforting and frustrating), but we eventually got it working after the tournament (of course).
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