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Field disabling our robot during a match?

At a tournament yesterday our robot would run fine when we weren't plugged into the competition field but the second we would plug into the field the robot either wouldn't work at all or would cut out after roughly 30 seconds.

- At school we run our robot for almost half an hour straight when we program and practice driving and it never burns out unless we have a pushing match against a resisting robot for roughly 20 seconds.
- We use this Competition Switch when we hold scrimmages against our B and A team and we never experience problems.
- I have looked through our code multiple times very thoroughly and there isn't anything that should cause this.

A friend of ours (from a different team) told us it could be that our master code wasn't up to date so before the playoffs we updated both the vexnet controller's master code and the brain's master code. The next match we still had the same problems.

One of the judges said that when four robots are plugged in that it might be too much and a robot may be sending a charge back to the system and in turn disabling our robot. Is this even possible?

I can post my code if anyone needs it (EasyC V4).
I can answer any other questions.

I just really want to know what happened and what I need to do to prevent it because my team pretty much got ripped off competing in that tournament.

The one time (out of four) our autonomous worked and we had control for the whole 2 minutes we won 25 to 22 with a broken alliance and two working enemies.

Anyways I really need help with this because the tournament was nothing but frustrating and my team doesn't want this to happen again.

If anyone could please help me with this we would be VERY VERY appreciative.
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