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Re: Field disabling our robot during a match?

I've heard of this type of thing before but no one has ever really managed to root cause the issue. There was a whole thread here, although this one was finally determined to be a bad VEXnet key.

One of the judges said that when four robots are plugged in that it might be too much and a robot may be sending a charge back to the system and in turn disabling our robot. Is this even possible?
The field controller has a 0v (ground) and three control signals into the joystick. The first signal simply tells the joystick that it is in competition mode, one pin of the 8 pin connecter is shorted to 0v to indicate this. The other two signals tell the joystick if it is enabled or disabled and whether it is in autonomous or driver control modes. I posted a some information about field control here.

So first to ask some questions.

How many competition fields were running?

Were you in the same alliance color and zone for each one or did you start in different positions? Really what I'm asking is were you always plugged into the same field control cable or different ones. It would be unusual to be in the same position each time but you never know.

Did any other teams experience the same issues as you?

Did driver control mode always start?

Which master firmware are you running, the latest for EasyC would be 3.17 but many teams are still running 3.16 which seems to have been very stable. Hopefully you were not upgraded to the 3.20 version that's floating around.

Were any RED led's showing at any time on the cortex or joystick?

And finally, sorry we have to ask, were the batteries good, did you have a new 9V backup battery connected?
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