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Re: Field disabling our robot during a match?

Originally Posted by The VEX Raptors View Post
If it worked perfectly on the left field, but not on the right field, it sounds like a problem with that individual field. Did the other teams with problems play as often as you did on the right field?

You said it stopped during pushing matches. I want to know the exact configuration of your wheel base:
How many motors are you using on your wheels?
What type of motors are you using on your wheels?
How are these wheel motors wired (are they in a power expander)?
Are there any gear ratios on your wheel base?

We had very similar problems to this, with details in this thread.
We thought it was a problem with the field but in the finals we mostly played on the left field and we started to have problems there too.

We have a Mecanum Drive 1:1 gear ratio using high strength chain and four 393 motors. All of these motors go directly into the cortex. 2 are on motor controllers and the other two go straight into the two wire ports.

When our robot cut out it wasn't just our drive train. The entire robot wouldn't work as if someone disabled driver control.
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