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Re: VEX Sack Attack

Originally Posted by AnotherRoboMom View Post
When does the Q & A open?

I am trying to plan a very large tournament for this summer. A "pause" of even 30 seconds means choosing a longer match cycle. So even though the matches are shorter this year (and in theory this would allow "more" matches during a tournament) it won't necessarily work out this way.
The Q&A didn't open immediately last year, either. I believe it is to give folks a little time to absorb the manual before burying Karthik with questions, the vast majority of which would be answered if people Read The Manual First.

As for match cycle times, I don't think anyone will know until some tournaments are completed. The GDC games the cycle time to get rough estimates, but I don't think we will really know for sure until some event partners run real events. There are a lot of bean bags, which could take some time, but we also don't have to count equal numbers of blue and red objects, we don't care which one was scored first, and I think the gold bags will be less complex to score than the doublers and negators. If you forced me to guess, autonomous scoring will be very fast in a blowout and slow in a close match, and we should end up with cycle times similar overall to Clean Sweep.

I told event partners at most Gateway events to run a 4:30 cycle time (or even 5:00 for rookies) with two fields. A really, really fast field crew might go 3:30 or even 3:15. If you assume that at a large event you will have large, good field teams, and you could do Gateway at 4:00 minutes, you will save 20 seconds per match with SA, or 3:40. If the average auto scoring takes 30 seconds or less, which it should in most matches where one alliance obviously scores a lot more, you might get a wash and be able to use 4:00 or 4:15 cycle time.
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