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Re: Mathmatics Division:

Originally Posted by Rick TYler View Post
Here's a different point of view for you. At an event you can either be in the top 10 (or so) teams after qualifying, or you can be attractive to the top 10 teams. Keeping your robot "secret" during an event is not a good way to attract the attention of the alliance captains. If you look around, experienced teams don't hold back at events -- they are doing their best to show off their robot and their capabilities. If you do a good job of keeping your great robot "secret" you will usually watch the Elimination rounds from the audience.

Another point -- there is nothing new in VEX. The idea that a team has some great feature that needs to be kept secret is popular among rookies, but among experienced builders hardly anything is new. You can get kudos for using a certain mechanism to solve a problem in an elegant way, or for doing a really good job of construction, but aren't likely to ever build something that third- and fourth-year students haven't seen before.
I think this is one of the reasons we got picked even though we were placed in the 70's. Even if our alliance was not amazing good we still went all out in each qualification match and showed what we could do.
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Re: Mathmatics Division:

Originally Posted by GreenEgg View Post

My team kept saying it over and over and you proved it throughout eliminations, "Jack is the MAN!". What a display of incredible driving and understanding of how the game should be played. Even after your intake broke in the Math finals you were still scoring and descoring with the 1 remaining intake. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that your brilliant maneuver in the Math division qualifications to steal the negator right from the grip of the opposing claw bot in the final seconds of the match is one of THE greatest highlights of the Gateway season.
Agreed ! Lynfield Driving is out of this world ! I feel like the Green Eggs / Lynfield alliance was the winning formula for Wolrds, as demonstrated by the winning wallbot 2W of world championship. You have to take a step back and still admire the fact that Green Eggs has made the division finals every year they have competed at Worlds !

The DiscoBots had a great time working with Green Eggs and Lynfield !
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Re: Mathmatics Division:

Originally Posted by meatboy123 View Post
if your blaming 1200a for your losses.... i dont know... i saw that match and it did look winnable 2-1.... dont blame others for your losses vexraptordude.... sometimes you just lose..
Our interaction opponent did a lot of ramming, so our overheating drivetrain, our robot being pretty much trapped in the corner in the last 30 sec, and 1200A's technical issues all contributed to our loss.

We liked 1200A's robot, and it was a shame that it was plagued by such problems. We wish 1200A better luck next year!

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