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Re: Robots that impressed you in Dallas

Did you know that masseys robot, which was based off free-ranges robot, was based on the Mount Albert Grammer Schools robot which came second in the New Zealand Regionals and they got their photos for the robot when we hosted a VEX comp at our school. Although was a improved version, and then at dallas was a very improved versions. So in a way, our robot was in dallas in spirit.
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Re: Robots that impressed you in Dallas

The chinese bot that our team dubbed the "dispenser bot" was pretty cool. I forgot the number but it consisted of lots of four omni-wheels and tons of zipties. The bot would load up cubes, drive into a goal and dispense one cube straight down for a pretty much guaranteed goal
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Re: Robots that impressed you in Dallas

I think that is one of the robots that I liked too (but, maybe not). The one I liked had tank treads for intakes up front and a basket that raised up on the back. It used zip ties to push the cubes out the bottom of the basket right down into the goals. I took a picture of it - maybe I will post it later.

I saw a lot of interesting robots, but one that I thought was unique belonged to team 12d (I think). Their robot had a cage on the front to collect the cubes. The cage raised up and the robot could drop the cubes into the goals. Their robot was able to lift all of the cubes out of the top of the autoloaders and hold 9 or 10 at a time. It used pnuematics, a servo, some bevel gears, and some zip ties to accomplish this. It seemed to do pretty well in the competitions and I was amazed at how quickly it removed cubes from the autoloaders!

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