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About Strategy

So I watched a decent amount of matches today and one thing that seemed to pop out at me was there didn't seem to be a lot of strategic play. It seemed to me that teams were just going out to the field and running their robots. Now I don't know if anyone will see this who is in Dallas but here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. Talk with the team you are against before the match, not when you are in cueing but a good 4 or 5 matches before you go to be cued. Discuss the various strong points of your robot and their robot. Then find out what teams you are against and what their strong points are. Decide on a plan of action, who will cap what goal and in what order.

2. If you have the capacity for more than one cube use it! I saw many "tread bots" going around the field and picking up one cube then going away to score it only to come back and pick up the next cube. You built that type of bot for a reason right? So use the auto loaders fill your robot up and then go score.

3. Remember the bonus cube, it's worth the same as a capped goal. If your robot can tip the cube on your alliance's side early in the game most likely no one will mess with it. I've seen very few teams messing with the cube.

4. Also remember the platform, again worth as much as a capped goal. More teams have been going for this but it is still something that is worth fighting for.

Good luck guys I look forward to seeing who wins tomorrow, wish I was there
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Smile Re: About Strategy


Point 1 wasn't this meant to part of the whole scouting thing?

Point 2 With the bonus cube as far as I know from the rules it is the only cube that the robot can be touching at the end of a match so it would be worth fighting for at the end.

Were there many alliances using a blocking formula?

Something I noticed when watching a few games and something that interested me was when a robot tipped over.

I noticed some alliances tried to right their partners and others just left them.

I was wondering for those that are inclined to tip whether they should have a plan with their alliance partner. Eg If our robot tips a little presure at this point will quickly right it.

I can understand why some just carry on it would be interesting to see how the different approaches effect the outcome.

They only trouble with watching the World champs down-under is the time difference.
They start at 2:00 am our time.

I wouldn't get up then to watch the Olympics or the "All Blacks" but the champs are getting exciting.

Thanks to all the teams and volunteers there who are bringing us such a great event.
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Re: About Strategy

It's a big event with shallow experience. The teams with previous Vex worlds or FRC experience are much better at strategy and friendly competition than a lot of rookies. The matches that have combined experienced teams have been really good, with some "inside baseball" tactics that aren't clear to outsiders and some rookies.

The relatively large number of weak teams have caused a lot of upsets, too. Unlike FRC where an alliance can absorb one weak partner, an alliance here with one good and one weak team frequently loses against an alliance with two "OK" robots. I did see a robot win a 1 on 2 match yesterday, but that's not common.

As I predicted the leader in Programming Skills has 37 (team 575 -- Exothermic Haiku) and in Robot Skills has 60 (1114a -- Simbotics). 2921 has 30 in Programming and 59 in Robot, while 575 has 58 in Robot. In my completely unbiased opinion, Team 575 is the best team with a 2-3 record in robot history. Just about anyway... These scores are as of Friday night.

You can find the tournament standings at Robotevents.
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Re: About Strategy

I've been watching the webcast and I agree with you, a lot of teams ain't having strategy, they're just playing as they can. I hope the final goes pretty well! ^^

and good luck for all teams.

I'm very anxious by the awards *_*
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