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Re: VRC 575 Running Its 43-Point Auto

Originally Posted by BrentJ View Post
Hi Rick.

That is a very good example of line following.

How did you allow for the different light levels on the field at different competions?
Do you have a pre-match initalisiation routine to determine the white tape - tile difference?

I want to get our team trying a line follower routine this season.
They have an initialization routine that runs at the start of each match -- it sets the gray level. Occasionally, it will miss the line and the team can only hypothesize that it was a lighting problem. After doing a 37 at worlds during the preliminary rounds, during their one and only auto match on the arena field they missed the line on their first turn and that was the game. No complaining, though, 2921 had the same lighting conditions and they scored more.
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Re: VRC 575 Running Its 43-Point Auto

Not gonna lie, I sh** a brick when I saw this video. Great job guys, I can see a lot of hard work went into that program.

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