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Old 06-14-2007, 06:57 PM
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Responding to "torsi" on Thread " In Work: mlab / mcc variable usage problems."

Originally Posted by torsi View Post


If you look down at the comment with your name on it you will get a description of the problem. Basically if I attempt to update the s_elapsed
or s_loop variables the initial value do not seem to be zero when loop starts


void User_Autonomous_Code(void)
    /* Initialize all PWMs and Relays when entering Autonomous mode, or else it
    will be stuck with the last values mapped from the joysticks. Remember,
    even when Disabled it is reading inputs from the Operator Interface.
    pwm01 = pwm02 = pwm03 = pwm04 = 127;
    pwm05 = pwm06 = pwm07 = pwm08 = 127;
    pwm09 = pwm10 = pwm11 = pwm12 = 127;
    s_elapsed = 0UL;
    s_loop = 0UL;
    s_elapsed_start = 0UL;
    printf("entering autonomous mode loop(%04X): %d elapsed(%04X): %d\r", (char*)&s_loop, s_loop, (char*)&s_elapsed, s_elapsed);
    while (autonomous_mode) /* DO NOT CHANGE! */
        if (statusflag.NEW_SPI_DATA) /* 18.5ms loop area */
            Getdata(&rxdata); /* DO NOT DELETE, or you will be stuck here forever! */
            #ifdef ZI_MAIN_LOOP_LOGGING
            printf("completed getdata loop(%06X): %d elapsed(%06X): %d\r", (char*)&s_loop, s_loop, (char*)&s_elapsed, s_elapsed);
            #ifndef ZI_HANDLE_ENCODER_TICKS
            #ifdef ZI_MAIN_LOOP_LOGGING
            printf("prior to putdata loop(%06X): %d elapsed(%06X): %d\r", (char*)&s_loop, s_loop, (char*)&s_elapsed, s_elapsed);
            Putdata(&txdata); /* DO NOT DELETE, or you will get no PWM outputs! */
            #ifdef ZI_MAIN_LOOP_LOGGING
            printf("completed putdata loop(%06X): %d elapsed(%06X): %d\r",(char*)&s_loop, s_loop, (char*)&s_elapsed, s_elapsed);
            // Ricky: If I include these line in the code the initial values of
            // of s_elapsed and s_loop do not seem to be zero from the
            // logging. But if I comment these lines out compile and run the
            // values do seem to be zero from the logging output.
            s_elapsed = s_elapsed + 18UL;
First: The printf() support on the Vex is limited it what it can handle for data values.. Float and Double (Float) are not supported.

Second: IIRC you would need to modify your
printf() formatting for long ints, by adding the 'l' to your '%x' format.

Third: printf() does not expect the '&' in front of each variable. You are going to be "passing" the Memory Location of each of your variables to the printf() function, not the Value of each of your variables.
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