Programming in easyC Frequently Asked Questions & Code Examples

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    Where can I learn to program in easyC?[/U]

    - The best method for you learn easyC is to use the help file, there are Tutorials under "Getting Started".

    - Brad Miller of WPI made a video to help with programming the Vex Robot. Note the Master Code Version should be v8
    Programming Video High Res
    Programming Video Low Res

    [U]easyC Pro Video Tutorials[/U][/url]

    [U]Where can I find the Clean Sweep Template[/U]
    easyC V2 & Pro now allows you to create your own "Template" using Competition Projects. You can also switch back
    and forth between VexNet and Crystal Competitions without changing your code. See Competition Templates in the help file for more details.

    [U]What is Master Code V10 and why do I need it? [/U]

    There are two programs stored in the controller, the master and the user. The master code allows your user code to interface with the Vex hardware. The user cannot edit the master code. The user program is the set of custom instructions you download to the controller. Master code V10 is required in order to use the VRC Competition Projects in easyC V2 or Pro.

    [U]How do I move easyC V1 files into easyC V2?[/U]

    Open easyC V2, select "Add Existing Function" from the Options menu. Select the Main function of your easyC V1 project. You will have to rename the main function to something like “autonomous_code”.

    [U]My Vex USB adapter stopped working[/U]

    This can happen if you unplug the programming cable from the USB port after every time you download a program. The programming cable was designed to be disconnected from the robot side of the cable, not the USB side. You should leave the USB side of the programming cable connected to your PC. If you are having a hard time downloading programs to your robot, it could be a USB problem. Disconnect the programming cable from your computer and restart the computer. Once the computer is up, reconnect the USB adapter.

    [U]Where can I get some sample code
    Using a Bumper Switch to Start a Program
    Closed Loop Control Example Multitasking - Potentiometer
    Closed Loop Control Example - Potentiometer
    Using Limit Switches
    Custom Arcade Mode
    Penumatics Example Code
    Ultrasonic Sample Program
    Encoder Sample Program
    Custom Channel 5 & 6 Program
    Using the serial port in easyCPro by Quazar - Advanced
    [URL=""]Selecting Multiple Autonomous Modes with Jumpers


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