1. 7 years ago

    VEX. Unreal

    2 May 2009 New Zealand 2908

    Hey all,

    Just trying to look at the live webcast of the event (although i think its over untill tommorow, it's 9:18pm NZ time.)
    trying to see the matches of the NZ teams that went over there, i was given NASA tv instead of robotics. Is there anyway i can see the matches played of teams:

    • Team #2921 Free Range Robotics.
    • Team #2911b Binary Blitz.
    • Team #2900a Symbiohsis.

    any help would be appreciated.
    And for the results page, what is the difference from the Technology and the Science divisions? And what are they?

    Thanks very much in advance,
    Vex. Unreal.


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