How to use Vexnet Competition Switch for Autonomous Program

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    8 Oct 2017 San Francisco Bay Area
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    My objective is for my robot to execute autonomous code that we have written.

    I would like to accomplish this by:

    1. Using Vexnet Competition Switch
    2. By writing a new Competition Template by navigating to the 'File -> New -> Competition Template' menu option.

    I have done #2.

    Now questions I have:

    • How do I make robot execute this autonomous code?
    • What are the steps?
    • What are the hardware connections?
    • Is there a page that describes all of this?


  2. Here is a link to an basic tutorial on using the competition switch:

  3. itpragmatik

    8 Oct 2017 San Francisco Bay Area

    Yup, that worked! Thank you realjohnpark!

  4. 3 months ago

    is there a new website because the file would not be found on the link listed above

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  6. Rick TYler

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    Or this video:


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