1. 11 months ago

    Me and my team are having a tournament in a couple days and since I am the driver, I was wondering what a good strategy to have while competing is?

    Here's a good discussion that has been widely viewed--

  2. 536Mentor

    12 Oct 2017 Event Partner, V5 Beta Tester Appleton, WI 536

    That is a difficult question to answer. The best strategy depends on what your robot (and your alliance partner) is able to do. The obvious (and snarky) answer is to score as many points as you can. You may find that your strategy may change throughout the day, largely as you learn from experience and as you are paired with different partners. If this is your first tournament of the season, I wouldn't worry too much about having a hard strategy going in, just try to do what your robot does best. Have fun!!!

  3. Dokkaebi

    12 Oct 2017 Deal with it I like chocolate

    Yeah, can you give us some pics of your robot?

  4. Here's a good discussion that has been widely viewed--

  5. Thank you for the video after looking at it we have some good ideas!


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