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  1. 11 months ago


    14 Oct 2017 Hesston, KS 7862Z
    Edited 11 months ago by DylanTheTactician

    i got bored and this thing is what came out of my imagination. the name is inspired by Steven from 7700R's standoff obsession
    if you actually make this IRL please: 1. post a picture here and 2. experiment with how ridiculously fast you can gear the drive


    This chassis is designed to be ultra-light to maximize potential speed output, minimizing and forgoing structural support to do so. If you attempt to use this for competition purposes, I am not responsible for whatever mess of broken parts remains after [unfortunate accident here] occurs. Thank you for understanding.

    (Edit: Added more pictures)

  2. meng

    14 Oct 2017 Singapore 8059

    Standoff is not known to be light.
    I will be interested to know how much weight is shave off as compared to a normal aluminium c-channel chassis :)

  3. Malovelent1

    14 Oct 2017 Cumming, GA 109Z
    Edited 11 months ago by Malovelent1

    I'm sure it's possible, but trying to attach a lift on there without bending any standoffs will be a challenge... Still pretty cool

  4. Bryan R

    14 Oct 2017 Hereford, Maryland, USA 929X

    It isnt even lighter. 2 standoffs weigh slightly more than a 1x2x1 c channel of the same length. Since all of the standoffs are doubled up, there is no weight loss. Therefore, this is just a meme.

  5. artsy.andrew

    14 Oct 2017 Tracy, CA 9378A

    I feel like this is just a really cool idea, and it wouldn't actually work with a lift or anything on it. Until someone makes a proof of concept it will probably just stay an idea.

  6. Brian_9605A

    14 Oct 2017 MA (Southern New England) 9605A

    We've been through this before. A standoff is half the weight of a c channel of the same length. For proof, I weighed it out on a digital balance. A 2x15 aluminum c channel weighs 31g. 2 standoffs that combine to the length of a c channel is 17g. This is weighed with a 6" standoff and a custom cut 1.5" standoff.

    I genuinely approve of this chassis. Would build it if I had the parts.

  7. Bryan R

    14 Oct 2017 Hereford, Maryland, USA 929X

    Yes, but for each side he put two standoffs in place of one 2x c channel, so that thing and a regular chassis with one c channel per side weigh the same.

  8. blatwell

    14 Oct 2017 Event Partner Indianapolis 621A

    In order to get maximum speed from this, you need to put a bigger sprocket on the wheels. Combine that with turbo speed motors and you can probably get some good speed out of it.

  9. Dokkaebi

    14 Oct 2017 Deal with it I like chocolate

    That thing looks cool as heck though.

  10. wesleywong

    14 Oct 2017 Dublin, California 5327C

    I think this could be made much lighter had you used 1 half c channel for every 2 standoffs, no need for so many pillowblocks too

  11. Scrufferdog

    15 Oct 2017 California 7700R

    All of those pillow blocks will almost certainly flex/break. I rather like creative usage of standoffs, but not quite in this fashion although it is a rather cool looking drive base.

  12. How do you manage to screw the motors in place??

  13. Barin

    15 Oct 2017 Arizona

    @4"Omni How do you manage to screw the motors in place??

    Look at image #2. Bearing flats.

  14. M8R

    15 Oct 2017 Los Angeles, California 7700

    Although the drive ends up looking pretty sick and standoff drive is OP, there are problems that kinda make this not worth it.

    1. The motors being attached to the bearings and the extensive use of pillow blocks is risky. Those will definitely have a chance of breaking or just generally bend, causing slop.

    2. Standoffs have slightly more than half of a C channel's weight per inch. This means that two standoffs are actually more than a single 2 hole c channel. Incidentally, using two standoffs per side is kinda a no go.

    3. Mounting anything to this kind of drive would be a huge pain, noting that you'd need to add a new mounting point (a new point of failure) between standoffs in every place you want to attach things to.

    Good job altogether, though!

  15. This is disgusting. Stop. How much loctite would you have to use? And really? Would this be able to carry the rest of the robot and possibly a mobile goal with 12 cones? Please use brain next time.

  16. seearin

    15 Oct 2017 Towson, MD 5588E

    @eun it's literally a joke

  17. Kiwi

    16 Oct 2017 Chicago Formerly (7589B)
    Edited 11 months ago by Kiwi

    Will do when I have free time (2 weeks from now..?) :^)

    I gotta go faaaast

  18. 10 months ago


    13 Nov 2017 Hesston, KS 7862Z
    Edited 10 months ago by DylanTheTactician

    Part 2 is now here

    the goal is to have a full standoff bot CAD by the end of the season

  19. [TVA]Connor

    13 Nov 2017 South Texas 1814D

    VEX needs an award for this if built

  20. Scrufferdog

    13 Nov 2017 California 7700R
    Edited 10 months ago by Scrufferdog

    part 2 is slightly more functional than last time although I still wouldn't build it.

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