VEX EDR Workshops in Asia Pacific Region?

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    Hi All,

    My VEX EDR Robot (Varsity) Team (10 team members) is planning to go somewhere for a workshop in the Asia Pacific Region . We hail from Japan (but we have a range of passports from Indian to Korean to Chinese). Do you know of any??.. we're thinking of going anywhere from Late February to Mid May. We aren't too experienced in VEX Robotics which is why we don't want to go to any competitions just yet..

    We would prefer Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Bangkok, Singapore?.. basically somewhere (preferably closer to Japan) other than perhaps India... (But to an extent Australia / New Zealand works even if they're quite far and expensive as a contender)

    Yes, we HAVE checked Robot Events dot com but there are like 0 VEX EDR Robot Workshops ever!

    If there seriously are no workshops.. then maybe list some good competitions but we would prefer it being in April / May (so we can prepare well).. or to an extent even March.

  2. meng

    3 Jan 2018 Singapore 8059


    In Asia Pacific, the teams/organisations/schools normally conduct their own training or get the coaches into the schools to conduct training. Hence, you won't see any workshops listed in robotevent.

    As for competition, Apr/May is not a good timing to attend competition - Apr is the world championship, and the new season only starts after the worlds (which means normally the new season starts around May).

    But what you can do is to join us for SingVex (or Singapore Vex Robotics Championship) which is normally held in end June.

    If you are interested to visit Singapore, you can also contact our event partner (EP) - Mr Samuel Chee. I am pretty sure he can arrange something for you.

    PM me if you need his contact :)

  3. @meng Do you think it would be possible for us to contact some of the schools who conduct their own training and join in? End June is an issue for us as our school year ends in late may.. and some may be hesitant to go on a trip outside the school year.. How does February or March sound?

  4. meng

    3 Jan 2018 Singapore 8059
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    For Singapore, Feb and Mar will be the skills challenge season.
    You guys can consider joining us for skills challenge events as well.

    As for schools - you can consider 8059 and 8068.

    You can google the school profiles and see if it is suitable for you:

    8059 - Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
    8068 - School of Science and Technology

    You can also consider Singapore American School - they have just started their vex programme.
    And of course, there is always 8065/66 to consider, but they are not very active this season and having a period of transition, so I am not too sure how keen they might be.

    We don't have as many teams as USA or China, but we do have quality teams :)

    Do let me know after you have look through the profiles, I will link you up accordingly :)

    PS... can i know which is your team number?

    EDIT: thought I should mention NZ as well... since you are looking at Asia Pacific region. They have very strong training programmes over there and very good teams as well. And Feb will be their nationals.

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    @meng Thanks for the response, it looks like there are lots of great stuff to do at singapore.. including how amazing the place is.. are there any other vex users who can help contribute to this discussion?? We'd like all the options we can get!

  6. meng

    4 Jan 2018 Singapore 8059

    btw, since you mentioned that you are a VexU team, then you might want to consider AURA as well.
    They are based in Auckland.

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    @meng Oh sorry, we are a High School Team! NOTE TO ALL OTHERS.. By Varsity.. we mean Varsity High School Team (Our school has JV and Varsity for high school)

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    Just PM @meng to get the contact info for your event partner

  10. @Easton No, that's covered. I'm looking for more people to contribute to this discussion more people who might know of upcoming events or be event partners.

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  13. @Mystical Pie Understood. But how shall I try and get more people to see my post, any ideas?

  14. Easton

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    @TitanRey15 @Mystical Pie Understood. But how shall I try and get more people to see my post, any ideas?

    Maybe start a PM group with several of the well established teams in your region. Since the forum has people from all over the world, it would probably be better to concentrate your question and ask those teams directly instead of a broad forum request. Unfortunately I can't help, as I live in the US.

  15. @Easton Sorry for the stupid question, but where would I be able to find a list of well established teams in my region?

  16. Easton

    8 Jan 2018 GA, USA 1958A

    @TitanRey15 @Easton Sorry for the stupid question, but where would I be able to find a list of well established teams in my region?

    Well you could go on VEX DB, and see what teams are in your region that win a lot. Sorry, I don't have a list but I think VEX DB can help. Also, you could go on and see what teams have won tournaments in your area. Also, you could look at the world skills standings and filter it to your region and see the top teams in your region, which is probably the best option.

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