RobotC Firmware not downloading

  1. 10 months ago


    12 Jan 2018 Ontario, Canada 50505A

    Hello, our team is starting to code with robotC. Before, whenever we would download robotc from the cortex's default code, it would display something like (but 000) for the default code, but then change to saying RobotC. However, now when we click the download firmware button, it continues to say (but 000). All in all, the robotc firmware is not being able to download.

  2. jpearman

    13 Jan 2018 Moderator, ROBOTC Tech Support, V5 Beta Moderator Los Angeles 8888

    That sounds like you are describing what you see on the LCD display. RobotC will be displayed when a ROBOTC program is run. Make sure the cortex is being detected by ROBOTC, use the view->select comms port menu to check that the cortex is being detected. If that is ok do a software inspection, that's in the robot menu under "advanced tools". That will show the firmware versions and whether the ROBOTC firmware is loaded.

    If the cortex is not being detected make sure 'Vex 2.0 cortex" is selected as the platform type (robot menu again) and not VexIQ. If everything seems ok then I suggest you open a support ticket with us at and our tech support staff will be able to help further.


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