Unnoficial response to:Question about 5 seconds pinning <SG4>

  1. 9 months ago

    Here is sg4 for refrence,

    <SG4> A Robot may not Pin or Trap an opposing Robot for more than five seconds during the
    Driver Controlled Period. A Pin or Trap is officially over once the Pinning Robot has moved away
    and the Robots are separated by at least 2 feet (approximately one (1) foam tile). After ending a Pin
    or Trap, a Robot may not Pin or Trap the same Robot again for a duration of 5 seconds; if a Team
    does pin the same Robot again, the pinning count will resume from where it left off when the
    pinning Robot initially backed off.

    so that means that it isnt cumulative unless you re engage within 5 seconds or they haven't backed up at least 2 feet.

  2. GBHS VEX Member

    12 Feb 2018 Somewhere in California

    I know, and that is what I thought the answer was, however I couldn't find ANY documents (Manual, Ref Videos, This Q&A) that explicitly said "The count resets". That is why I have to ask, to make sure that no one messes up again.

  3. well if you move away from them for at least 5 seconds then the pin/trap is over and then we start back up on the first part of the section. A robot cant pin for more than 5 seconds.


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