Turbo vs HS DR4B

  1. 8 months ago


    14 Mar 2018 Virginia 80708X

    What do you think? Is a Turbo DR4B worth it for super speedy fast? Or go with High Speed, less speedy fast but easier to control?

  2. Depends how light it is. I would prefer speed for the better acceleration. But if it is extremely light I would go turbo.

  3. Carter

    14 Mar 2018 Alabama 13907A

    It depends on motor allocation but I would go with high speed for the added acceleration. The decision can vary for each robot and team though.

  4. briancole

    14 Mar 2018 Utah 4270C

    I think the most logical way would be to start with HS, get your driver used to it, fine tune your lift, and then turbo it.

  5. nenik

    14 Mar 2018 V5 Beta Tester

    It might be a surprising answer from me (lol), but just get the datalog.
    Get the HS gears on, start logging the motor power vs. quad encoder position, let the driver do a full speed run oved the field and capture the data.
    Then do the same with Turbo.
    From the data, you can derive (no pun intended) the speed profile and the acceleration. And most of all, how long did it take the robot to accelerate to the full, or at least equivalent speed. You can overlay the curves if you wish, both of the distance driven (raw encoder data) and of the derived speed.
    Then ask yourself, in a real match, or at least in a skills run, how often would you move far enough to actually see the top-speed benefit of the turbo.


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