1. 8 months ago


    14 Mar 2018 Nashville, TN 97934U

    We're beginning to prepare for worlds. In my previous years getting ready for worlds in order to emulate a raised field we sat on our knees. We recently became able to buy some risers but I have no idea where one would purchase them. Any help?

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    Many teams make them

  3. Rick TYler

    14 Mar 2018 Teachers/Coaches, Event Partner, V5 Beta Moderator Redmond, Washington Founder of Exothermic Robotics

    I'd start with a company that specializes in theatrical supplies, like this one or this one . Here at Robot Mesh , we have one that was built by a local team out of 2x3 lumber and OSB. It cost about $150, but it does not fold up like a factory-made stage would.


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