917F Worlds Reveal - Research

  1. 7 months ago


    22 Apr 2018 Redmond, Washington
    Edited 7 months ago by 917F

    Quantum Flux is proud to present our 2018 Worlds Reveal!

    6M HS Drive
    1M 1:5 Mogol
    2M 1:3 4-Bar
    2M 3:7 Chain-bar
    1M Claw

    All questions or comments welcome!

    On another note, 917F is a senior team so we are looking to sell all of our parts. Stop by our pits and grab a card, text us what you want, and we'll arrange a swap!

  2. Easton

    23 Apr 2018 GA, USA 1958A

    Nice, I guess at worlds we will see who is the true Quantum Flux (917 or 6007)

  3. Exothermic Night

    23 Apr 2018 Redmond, WA 10N

    Great reveal guys! Fun competing with you over the season.

  4. 917F

    24 Apr 2018 Redmond, Washington

    Thanks @Exothermic Night !
    @Easton Unfortunately we're in different divisions but I'm looking forward to seeing them play!

  5. [deleted]

    24 Apr 2018
    Deleted 7 months ago by DRow

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