1. 8 months ago
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    My school wants to update all our hex drivers because they're all old and stripped.

    any suggestions on good hex drivers?

  2. Definitely the ones made by Bondhus and Wiha. Feel free to research and look around more, but I have heard tons of praise for those 2 brands.

  3. ECC_Robotics

    14 May 2018 Event Partner Torrance, Ca ECCR has some good drivers

  4. kmmohn

    14 May 2018 Monroe MI 3547

    +1 for Bondhus and Wiha. It's well worth the extra cost. R0bosource also has some team tool kits to make ordering easier.

    Another thing to do for basic hex keys is to buy them by the 100 pack from McMaster-Carr or MSC Direct.

  5. I've heard good things about Wiha. I'd suggest those.

  6. sabarrett328

    15 May 2018 Grand Blanc, MI 46838C Major Trouble

    You may wish to look at your screws as well. We have LOTS of screws that are getting worn and stripped. You may wish to update those as well. This in combination with bad tools leads to MUCH frustration.


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