1. 6 months ago


    16 May 2018 Hawaii 8050

    I know that for a flywheel design usually you use multiple wheels to keep momentum of the fly wheel so you can shoot at a consistent rate, what is the heaviest objects in vex to use instead of using a large amount of wheels. I was thinking maybe cutting steel plates in a circle and putting them outside of the flywheel to keep momentum or maybe cut lexan in a hollow cylinder and have pockets on the inside and put steel screws inside to keep momentum.

  2. RHarris

    16 May 2018 Eastern Pennsylvania 1267C

    I built a flywheel in NBN and never needed to add weight to keep momentum.
    We used a turret design so the flywheel was very compact, but we still used 2 omnis side by side.
    If you dedicate multiple motors and take time tuning a PID controller (or something similar) you shouldn't need to add weight for momentum.

  3. If you'd like to add momentum without adding a lot of weight directly to your shooter, one thing you could try is to gear up your flywheel faster than your shooter wheel (ex. ).


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