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  1. 4 months ago

    I've been developing a scouting program in matlab and working on making it into an app. I made a scouting sheet really quick to list out some of the most basic it will have.

    Pls tell me what features you would like to see / get rid of.

    link text

    Features that will be added:
    Consistency Index
    overall power index of teams using unique algorithm
    estimated average time / each game object


  2. mikethememe

    Aug 8 Sinton, Texas 236X

    believe you skipped a match

  3. mikethememe

    Aug 8 Sinton, Texas 236X
    Edited 4 months ago by mikethememe

    also might want to put their auton score per match but otherwise looks good

  4. NightsRosario

    Aug 8 Reisterstown/Catonsville, MD 3922A

    Thank you Kevin, very nice

  5. Dromeda

    Aug 8 A place Who needs a number right?

    Thank you Kevin, very nice

  6. dsibal

    Aug 8 Fairfax, VA 2727A

    You can have a compiler which compiles all the needed data onto a simplified sheet having the best team listed on top and the 2nd beneath them and so on and so on

  7. 3 months ago


    Aug 25 Redondo Beach 8054

    this is dope

  8. peireina

    Aug 26 Crown Point, Indiana 1233C

    This is going to save me so much time if this becomes a reality please don't let this die

  9. Droideka

    Aug 27 Wenatchee, WA, United States

    @peireina This is going to save me so much time if this becomes a reality please don't let this die

    Indeed and impressive work, @The_Original_Kev

  10. Alex | 7701T

    Aug 28 Indiana 7701T

    Very nicely made and very handy to have for competitions, great work @The_Original_Kev

  11. 5 days ago

    hello there I am new to forum! I am just a beginner . Can someone guide me regarding Match Scouting? or any Sample Scout Excel Sheet?

    Appreciate any help! Thank you!

    - Vidya

  12. I wrote this sheet for scouting at CA State Championships Pomona last year. There was no wifi at the event, so we wound up downloading it as an excel sheet and filling it out off line, but it worked pretty well, better than our robots did that day unfortunately, haha. Anyway, the way it works is that each team in an event is given their own sheet, then all of the individual sheets fill in the main. Each sheet contains the same categories as the main, and are scored on a scale of 1-5, 5 being best. Then, in the main you can sort by any category, or by "overall" which is just a simple function I wrote that takes all of the categories into account.

    This was of course written for In The Zone, so the categories don't all make sense for this game, but it could still be used as a template. The nice thing about using Sheets is you could have a scout at each field and have them share the Sheet. That way the sheet automatically is up to date for all fields.


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