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  1. last week

    I've been developing a scouting program in matlab and working on making it into an app. I made a scouting sheet really quick to list out some of the most basic it will have.

    Pls tell me what features you would like to see / get rid of.

    link text

    Features that will be added:
    Consistency Index
    overall power index of teams using unique algorithm
    estimated average time / each game object


  2. mikethememe

    Aug 8 Sinton, Texas 236X

    believe you skipped a match

  3. mikethememe

    Aug 8 Sinton, Texas 236X
    Edited last week by mikethememe

    also might want to put their auton score per match but otherwise looks good

  4. NightsRosario

    Aug 8 Reisterstown/Catonsville, MD 3922A

    Thank you Kevin, very nice

  5. Dromeda

    Aug 8 A place Who needs a number right?

    Thank you Kevin, very nice

  6. 6 days ago


    Aug 8 Fairfax, VA 2727A

    You can have a compiler which compiles all the needed data onto a simplified sheet having the best team listed on top and the 2nd beneath them and so on and so on


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