TVACast | S2 | E2 Guest Applications Open

  1. 4 months ago


    Aug 8 South Texas 1814D
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    Apply To Be a Guest in the Upcoming TVACasts:

    (Now Open!)Apply To Join TVA:

  2. [TVA]Connor

    Aug 10 South Texas 1814D
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    Update: Since we wanted a TVACast logo that will last, we decided to put extra thought on the logo for this next episode. We didn't like how it looked so we remade it into a similar style of the TVA logo. From now on this will be the official logo for the TVACast and isn't expected to change for a while. Apply!!! We are certain we will look through the applications, and we hope that you get accepted to be the next guest!

  3. mikethememe

    Aug 10 Sinton, Texas 236X

    *clap clap* quite the improvement I like it

  4. 3 months ago


    Aug 18 South Texas 1814D
    Edited 3 months ago by [TVA]Connor

    Users may vote the person to be a guest for the TVACast here:


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