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    I've created a new forum channel for those looking for help with their code in VCS. We hope that as V5 products begin shipping, this will come to be a valuable resource for the community (and our own staff) to help others grow accustomed to this new programming software. The best way to go about this will be to start with a common template to help others get a better idea of what language you're programming in, and the issue you are having.

    Let's please try to format these threads as the following:


    Thread title:
    [Programming Language]: Description of problem

    Programming Language
    VCS Version: XXX (Found in the bottom right corner of VCS, above the console)
    VEXos Version: X.XX (Found in the top left of the "Robot Brain" screen under the "devices" menu)
    Description of problem

    Sample code goes here


    Just as an example, a normal request would appear as:

    Thread title:
    [C++ Pro] Arm not holding position

    C++ Pro
    VCS Version: 20180820.10.20
    VEXos Version: 1.00
    Description of problem

    Sample code goes here

    We appreciate your cooperation!


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