V5 classroom kits

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    Sep 11 Findlay, OH

    I ordered a set of 12 classroom robot kits in late May for a brand new course at my high school. We started school mid August, and I still do not have my kits. I see some are getting orders. When can I expect my order? I have NOTHING. Is it possible to get a free license for the virtual world program. I need something for my kids to program.

  2. lacsap

    Sep 11 Event Partner, V5 Beta Tester Massachusetts 9791[a-z]

    Please contact sales@vexrobotics.com or call them about the status of your order. It was made clear on numerous occasions that VEX was prioritizing V5 bundles, then move onto kits - exact timing is unclear.

    As for programming, definitely download VCS now to get familiar with it. Not that it answers you question about virtual worlds.

  3. @LBrobotics In response to needing something to program immediately, Robot Mesh Studio has a project type called Mimic that allows you to build and program a mockup robot on your computer. For V5 there are three languages to choose from so far: Blockly, Python, or C++. Here is an example of a maze solving robot made as a Blockly Mimic (requires updated Google Chrome browser).


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