315G VEX Turning Point Early Season Reveal (V5)

  1. 3 months ago
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  2. Nice robot! I really like how it can shoot both flags without moving. Out of curiosity, how consistent is it when doing this?

  3. 224x

    Sep 12 Malibu High School, California 224X

    @rxian it can probably vary speeds in the code

  4. @rxian Thanks. It's a programmatic thing, so it's quite consistent. I don't have exact numbers on consistency though.

  5. Edited 3 months ago by Anomaly

    Awesome robot! Do you mind if I ask your motor distribution?

    Edit: oops, it's in the video description, I'm really smart. Love your robot though!

  6. Avery | EKSDE

    Sep 12 Valley, NE XD

    It is cool to see V5 in action on a fully built robot. This robot is really nice, can't wait to see how you guys do this season!

  7. The Electrobotz

    Sep 12 Virginia 20181X

    Amazing robot! I love the music too. This is the new Vector!

  8. tabor473

    Sep 13 V5 Beta Tester OYES, WPI



    Really quite impressive. Glad someone finally made a V5 robot better than mine. :)

  9. Andrew Chang

    Sep 13 California 315Z

    this is a nutty robot <3

  10. Yuanyang1727G

    Sep 13 Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland 1727G

    @tabor473 Really quite impressive. Glad someone finally made a V5 robot better than mine. :)

    Maybe if the v5 kits weren't delayed and everyone got 8 motors there would be more v5 robots around...

  11. 2 months ago
    Edited 2 months ago by kmindspark

    Thanks all.

    @Yuanyang1727G True, hopefully most everyone will have theirs soon. Never know for sure though :/

  12. Cam

    Oct 5 Ga Us ?

    You can't use that vison sensor in a competition.

  13. OscarMNOVA12

    Oct 5 Event Partner, V5 Beta Tester Northern VA and Pittsburgh MASON, 12, 22172

    Clearly this video was made before the production vison sensors come out. I'm certain they'll switch it later.

  14. Edited 2 months ago by kmindspark

    A bit late to the party here, but the vision sensor wasn't actually plugged in during the reveal. We have working auto-alignment code but decided to wait until the production vision sensor comes before tuning it. For competitions, we have taken the vision sensor off entirely.


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