Programming Single-Acting Pneumatic Cylinders

  1. 2 weeks ago


    Oct 2 The Universe 6356E

    How can I program a single acting pneumatic cylinder to only go out for a specified time and then come back in. Our team needs this function and we do not want to pay for double acting. Thanks!

  2. last week


    Oct 10 Moderator, ROBOTC Tech Support, V5 Beta Moderator Los Angeles 8888

    You would write something similar to this.

        // activate pneumatics
        SensorValue[ dgtl1 ] = 1;
        // wait for 1 second
        wait1Msec( 1000 );
        // deactivate pneumatics
        SensorValue[ dgtl1 ] = 0;

    Once deactivated, the single acting cylinder should return, it has a spring that causes that action.


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