Programming Single-Acting Pneumatic Cylinders

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    Oct 2 The Universe 6356E

    How can I program a single acting pneumatic cylinder to only go out for a specified time and then come back in. Our team needs this function and we do not want to pay for double acting. Thanks!

  2. 5 days ago


    Oct 10 Moderator, ROBOTC Tech Support, V5 Beta Moderator Los Angeles 8888

    You would write something similar to this.

        // activate pneumatics
        SensorValue[ dgtl1 ] = 1;
        // wait for 1 second
        wait1Msec( 1000 );
        // deactivate pneumatics
        SensorValue[ dgtl1 ] = 0;

    Once deactivated, the single acting cylinder should return, it has a spring that causes that action.


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