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    Oct 5 Bangkok 2979A, 2979C, 2979E

    Is a digital engineering notebook scored lower than a physical one? We had one on a Google Doc but then we heard that a physical one is required??? Is there a difference between a printed notebook and a hand written one? We don't really want to copy the 20 or so pages we wrote digitally...


  2. ChrisR246

    Oct 5 Omaha, NE 985A
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    A bound notebook gets an extra 3 points when scores are tallied. Here is the Design Award Rubircs Sheet

  3. Wiredcat Robotics

    Oct 5 NVHS Zettabyte
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    To add on, here is a link to the appendix for VRC awards, with a big chunk about the judged awards (excellence, design, judge's, etc.) link
    To clarify your first question about a hard copy: (quote from the document)

    Note to Teams:
    Judges will not accept electronic notebooks on laptops, tablets, thumb drives, or cloud-based servers. The
    Design Rubric may be found at the end of this document. Teams will be interviewed in their pit area during
    local and state competitions.

    (page 6)
    Best of luck!

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    Oct 5
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  6. sabarrett328

    Oct 5 Grand Blanc, MI 46838C Major Trouble

    I like that the notebook is to be non-digital. My kids have chromebooks in school and more often than not, the computer makes the assignment much tougher than it would be for pen and paper. We spent well over an hour on a 10 question assignment to look up items on a map. In addition, after almost 30 years as a manufacturing engineer, at every meeting I go to, each project I'm on, notes are taken with pen in a notebook.

  7. 6 days ago

    Yea, my team tried to do one last year, but our coach said it isn't accepted. I guess it mainly reflects the fact that the judges want you to get used to standard engineering design documentation with hand-drawn sketches, hand-written logs, etc...

    Best of Luck

  8. Adam T

    Oct 9 Event Partner Jenison, MI Jension Robotics

    Digital notebooks don't work really well for all judges across the board...

    • There may be no internet access at the event.
    • We can't have judges responsible for your valuable technology (computer, tablet, etc.)
    • We can't ask judges to plug strange USB drives into their own devices. or judges may not have a device.

    For these reasons engineering notebooks need to be at least printed and physically handed in to the event staff. Bonus points for a bound notebook.


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