1. 3 months ago


    Oct 8 Malvern, PA 1274B

    My team, 1274B, started a YouTube channel and we will be uploading our ideas/updates/tests etc. to the forum and the channel. Here is Update #1. Feel free to give us comments or suggestions.

  2. 2 months ago


    Oct 28 Malvern, PA 1274B

    Update #2 out....

  3. NyQuil

    Oct 29 Ashburn, VA 80508X

    @troy_madden Update #2 out....

    Watch the space on your chassis. We did the same thing and it was awkward with the v5s and we had to mess with it. Looks good otherwise though.

  4. troy_madden

    Oct 29 Malvern, PA 1274B

    @NyQuil Thanks for the input! I agree, we are cutting it a bit close with the size of the chassis and have noted that we might have to shorten the length of our base. If we run into this problem, we will be sure to cut some of the c channels off.


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