1. 3 months ago

    We need help with our claw. We want to be able to pick up the caps. Can anyone please give me an Idea?

  2. Vyx

    Oct 18 Florida 82987A


  3. Ok thankyou but we need ideas for a claw that is able to pick up the caps.

  4. Mark Finley

    Oct 18 Las Vegas, Nevada 6891B - Kep's Boys

    You can see an active claw here at around 0:19:
    You can see a passive claw here:

    When I say active and passive I mean a motor that opens and closes the claw, not if there is a motor that completely flips the claw itself.

  5. Really, these forums are typically more helpful with very specific problems, but you can still get brainstorming happening.

    Early season, everyone was referencing waffle irons for a design starter. That’s where the cap/waffle meme originated, I think.
    Other people have looked into forklifts with passive intakes.
    Some teams have rollers that actively suck in the caps, and then have those rollers on an arm.

    It’s all just figuring out what would work best for your design. While there are quite a few “wrong ways” to do it, there is no “right way,” and that’s what’s great about the platform.

    For more ideas, use @Vyx ‘s idea and just go search YouTube for robot reveals. A lot of teams have their robots built already, so it’s not a stretch to see what they’ve done.

  6. ranOOm

    Oct 19 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2381

    Another way to approach the problem: I have a thing, that is flat and has a thickness. There is a central column in the middle which extends on both ends. I need to place this thing over a post, *list additional requirements here*. Then take a bunch of possible things that you could ever get to work (giant cage, vacumn, whatever you can think of), and eliminate the ones that won't meet your criteria. Bam! You now have a bunch of ideas that you can work on.

  7. Mark Finley

    Oct 19 Las Vegas, Nevada 6891B - Kep's Boys

    I made a picture of a passive claw type of thing. I think people used this idea in Sky Rise, but I'm not sure. I haven't tested this so I don't know if it actually works, but in theory it should.

  8. 2 months ago

    How do you build a cap flipper?


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