VCS Vex C++ Slew Rate Code

  1. 2 months ago

    Long Earth Society

    Nov 7 Cape Elizabeth, Maine, U.S. 56J

    Hello Fellow Gamers,

    Our coder is having trouble with slew rate control code in VCS. Please send help (could someone give us and example?)

    -The Long Earth Society (56j)

  2. 8 weeks ago


    Nov 22 Bloomfield Hills, MI 39A
    google first

  3. callen

    Nov 22 Braintree, MA, USA
    Edited 8 weeks ago by callen

    @WChen20 , that's from 2 years ago, so presumably with 393s, while the OP is asking about C++ and so presumably V5.

    The V5 may already have internal slew rate control. Certainly, it has internal PID control. If so, that could potentially interfere with your own code. Hopefully @jpearman or someone else more informed than I could speak to this.


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