Pneumatic help

  1. 2 months ago


    Nov 14 The Universe 6356E

    Hi forum goers,

    When we pump up our pneumatics with the tubes in the correct places in the solenoid and the solenoid closed, the piston extends. when we open the solenoid it lets out all of the air in the tank. When we switch the tubes the solenoid lets out all of the air as we pump it. Can anyone explain this to us?


  2. FatGorilla

    Nov 14 Michigan 3333B - Butter

    do you have a valve between the tank and solenoid or could you post pictures

  3. kmmohn

    Nov 15 Monroe MI 3547

    I would double check that you are properly connecting the solenoid valve to the pneumatic cylinder and to the air supply. It is unlikely, but possible, that the solenoid is not operating properly. The attached white paper may be helpful, in addition to the instruction provided by VEX.


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