VexScout Version 1 Is Here!

  1. 2 weeks ago


    Dec 1 Indianapolis-area Cornfield 99904A
    Edited 2 weeks ago by vexScout

    VexScout is now available at
    Check out the tutorial images, linked below. Please contact me if you have any questions, and make sure you save your notes often!

    Important Notes:

    The rankings table might not be available until the event starts its competition. Some competitions may even choose not to update their rankings.

    An important feature I forgot to mention in the attached images: you can load a team by clicking their name in the rankings table. You can sort the table by any aspect by clicking the red header bar at the top.


  2. last week

    @vexScout where do you find the tournament "numbers"

  3. vexScout

    Dec 6 Indianapolis-area Cornfield 99904A
    Edited last week by vexScout

    @bbot @vexScout where do you find the tournament "numbers"

    Go to RobotEvents and search for it; the results will include an "event code" in the format RE-VRC-18-XXXX @bbot


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