v5 Autonomous Program

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    How do you start an autonomous program with the new v5 system

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    check out main{} in the competition template

  3. Do we have to use an autonomous switch?

  4. To start program in the v5 brain

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    Do we have to use an autonomous switch to start program in the v5 brain?

    No you do not. When you turn on the brain there is a menu, click on the program folder and then click on your program. Then you will have the option to run, run timed or run competition. Pressing RUN TIMED should start the program starting will autonomous. Or you could use the RUN COMPETITION to run a programming skills run.

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    When you first open up the VCS, go to the example program instead of choosing what language you are going to use. After that, scroll down and click on Competition option and press choose. After you've done that, select what language it should open up the template in.

    If you want to start your own, make sure you include vex::competition Competition;
    Then when you make your user control and autonomous void (make sure user control*** of them have a loop in the end so it doesn't quit the void)

    In your main, plug the pre auton first if you have it, and then write


    in the end, add a loop that sleeps for 20Msec so it doesn't exit the main until turned off.

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    Thanks that helps a lot


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