Summer Camps

  1. last week


    Dec 6 V5 Beta Tester

    Are there any places out there that do VEX summer camp? I am not talking about a day camp for a week or two, but a real summer camp experience.

  2. 536Mentor

    Dec 6 Event Partner, V5 Beta Tester Appleton, WI 536

    Do a Google Search for VEX Robotics Camps. You will get a number of hits.

  3. Rick TYler

    Dec 6 Teachers/Coaches, Event Partner, V5 Beta Moderator Redmond, Washington Founder of Exothermic Robotics
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    iD Tech Camps used to include full-week VEX camps. Not sure if they still do:

  4. Joey The Great

    Dec 6 Suspended Maryland 24k

    man, that kind of camp would awesome

  5. FatGorilla

    Dec 7 Michigan 3333B - Butter

    Our school did a two week summer camp. It was about half vex time and half touring local collages and automotive plants.

  6. 5 days ago


    Dec 11 V5 Beta Tester

    536Mentor, I am asking here because google isn't helpful. I can find tons of day camps, but again I am not looking for a day camp. I am looking if there are any places out there that offer a full summer camp experience.

    Thank you Rick, I will look into it.

    FatGorilla, that sounds pretty neat.

  7. meepmeepme

    Dec 11 Honolulu, Hawaii (Saint Louis ... 42700B/C

    Last summer our mentor held an overnight sleep-over where we conceptualized ideas for Next Level as well as did some team bonding. For high school the mentor allowed us to come in and work over the summer on setting up fields and working on our first bot


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