Pillow Bearing or C-Channel?

  1. 5 weeks ago

    I have noticed a lot of different base elevated designs use either pillow bearing or a c-channel to elevate the base.
    I was wondering if anybody could explain the differences or reasons to use one or the other?

  2. Cam

    Dec 11 Ga Us ?

    Pillow bearing would be weaker than c channel.(if used correctly)

  3. Vyx

    Dec 11 Florida 82987A

    pillow bearing elevates with little to any obstruction to the wheels but c channels are stronger

  4. ZackJo

    Dec 11 Saint hedwig, Texas 11495A, Robo Legends

    We use pillow bearings and they haven't given us any issues at all. We've gone through two competitions and haven't needed to replace them. They also have less friction than a bearing in C-channel.

  5. James6555

    Dec 11 68357A

    We use a pillow bearing on a c Chanel for a very elevated chassis.

  6. Royal_Freedom

    Dec 11 Washington State 3249Z -- O.O.F.

    If the screws are sufficiently tight, and there isn't too much friction, I think either could work.
    I guess if you're worried about the pillow bearings breaking, you could double them up by putting two side-by-side to change the force distribution.

  7. Gameoa

    Dec 12 lemme think about it... 37409A

    also, unless your chassis is full length, you should not need them with 4" wheels


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