Storage of field when not in use

  1. 5 weeks ago

    I was wondering how everyone stores there field when dissembled and not in use. Thank you in advance.

  2. meepmeepme

    Dec 12 Honolulu, Hawaii (Saint Louis ... 42700B/C

    we put the game objects in last years FRC cubes or trash bags and stuff the walls and tiles in a corner

  3. We have our floor tiles taped in (12) sets of (3) using carpet tape. It's quicker to set up and still small enough to handle.

  4. Rick TYler

    Dec 12 Teachers/Coaches, Event Partner, V5 Beta Moderator Redmond, Washington Founder of Exothermic Robotics
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    I've used these for years to store field tiles:

  5. How do you store the field perimeter?

  6. lacsap

    Dec 12 Event Partner, V5 Beta Tester Massachusetts 9791[a-z]

    @Gabriel D How do you store the field perimeter?

    12' sections and we use these

    each holds 4 field walls - we have two for our 6 fields.


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