Full set of VEX parts for sale

  1. 3 weeks ago


    Our robotics team recently disbanded as all of our members ended up at different schools, and we would like to sell our parts to help out another team.

    The parts for sale include

    10 VEX 393 motors

    • Internal gears to gear up the motors to speed mode
    • Includes motor controllers for all of them

    12 wheels

    • 4x 3.25" omni wheels
    • 4x 4" omni wheels
    • 4x 4" traction wheels

    Lots of assorted gears

    A whole bunch of metal rails

    • Includes c-channels and angles of varying sizes
    • Both aluminum and steel

    Full cortex control system

    • EDR Cortex
    • Controller
    • 2x VEXnet 2.0 keys
    • Already paired and connected

    2 batteries and charger

    Fully built 2017 In The Zone competition robot

    - We just didn't feel like taking it apart# Full set of VEX parts for sale

    - Includes fully built two-layered lift - DR4B and Chainbar

    Assorted small parts

    • Lots of screws in varying sizes - both star drive and hex drive
    • Nuts, both regular and nylock
    • Metal shafts
    • Zip ties
    • Shaft collars
    • Washers
    • Metal brackets of varying sizes
    • Chain
    • Standoffs
    • Spacers
    • Brackets
    • Wire clips
    • Wheel adapters
    • Multiple pinions (small gears), both plastic and metal

    Linear slides

    • Internal and external metal slides (rails)
    • Internal and external sliders (moving pieces)

    Dremel kit, hacksaw, sander and filers

    An entire box of side wrenches, Allen wrenches, for both hex and star drive screws

    Game pieces for In The Zone, including

    • Cones (too many to count)
    • Two mobile goals
    • Two stationary goals
    • Two pairs of starting bars and 20pt zone bars

    License Plate kits

    • 12 license plates
    • Enough letter and number stickers to last a lifetime
    • Bonus "I <3 robots" and "VEX Robotics" stickers

    All VEX parts were purchased directly from the VEX robotics store. We only used everything for one year, so they are relatively unworn.

    **The entire thing costed us over $2,500.**

    We are willing to break this up and sell parts of it if needed.

    Selling to the best offer.

    -MAHA Robotics

  2. This sounds like a great deal, but I'm not in need of parts. It might be helpful to list where you are based and shipping details.

    Sorry to hear you guys couldn't continue.

  3. meepmeepme

    Dec 28 Honolulu, Hawaii (Saint Louis ... 42700B/C

    How much star drive do you have @lathashivakumar

  4. FatGorilla

    Dec 28 Michigan 3333B - Butter

    How much are you selling the motors for

  5. @FatGorilla @meepmeepme I have DM'ed you guys.

  6. ranOOm

    Dec 29 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2381

    got an LCD?

  7. @ranOOm sorry no, but can we interest you in any other parts?

  8. ranOOm

    Dec 29 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2381
    Edited 3 weeks ago by ranOOm

    How much would you ask for a cortex, 8 motors, controller, and keys (with the motor controllers).

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Edited 2 weeks ago by lathashivakumar

    @ranOOm I have DM'ed you.

  10. Here are some photos of the parts.

  11. hey, I am interested in the cortex and motors. i know vex recently came out with V5, but i need old cortex for teaching so let me know the price for 4 motors and a cortex. first of all, where are you guys located?

  12. I’m interested in your wheels, gears, sprockets, chain, and structure (Standoffs, metal, brackets, etc). Let me know what the price is for that subset. :)

  13. @KeplerElectronics I will DM you later today.

    I've attached a photo of the Dremel itself for anyone who is interested.

    If you want to buy parts, please DM me soon as quite a few people are interested.


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