VEX Robot Stickers!

  1. 3 weeks ago


    Dec 29 Miami, Florida 4411S

    As many of you have seen on various robots, people like to decorate their robots with stickers. Be it on lexan, metal, or other areas, they add a personal flair to each unique robot. A week or two ago I made a sticker store featuring a few stickers specific to #flywheelgang since I am a part of it, but after receiving many requests for non-flywheel stickers I have decided to make it a general store that applies to any team!

    These are the stickers that are available so far (with many more to come):

    Flywheel Gang Stickers [1] [2]
    Shoot Once, Miss Twice Sticker
    Ships in 8 Weeks Sticker
    Zip Ties Sticker
    No Pushbots Sticker
    Schtick Sticker

    You can check out the store itself here . I will be sure to add more in the coming weeks, but feel free to leave suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!


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