Catapult lock

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Does anyone know how to make a catapult ratchet that holds it down before shooting? Thinking of switching over to double catapult but we don't know how to hold it down for loading or auto

  2. Baguette123

    Jan 6 Earth 2775J

    Check out this thread: which does a good job of explaining the use of a ratchet mechanism and shows how theirs works.

  3. Got a Screw Loose

    Jan 7 Ohio 44833B

    ^That thread is really good. If you need more specific help, it'll be easier to help you. Such as how to make a custom ratchet, or the best axle to put the ratchet on.

  4. last week

    Thanks, I think my main issue was I didn't get it went on the driven gear instead of the catapult slip gear. Makes much more sense now that I've seen some pictures

  5. For ratchet system .. you may want to look at this too.

  6. Xenon

    Jan 10 Long Beach, California 99999V

    ratchet your slipgear's shaft so that it can only spin in one direction. if you want details on how I did my ratchet, pm me.

  7. Thanks, I got one that works now. Was easier than I thought it was. These are the pictures of what I ended up doing. If you guys have any feed back that would be great

  8. Xenon

    Jan 11 Long Beach, California 99999V

    don't quite see how that'll hold the shaft in place, or make it only go one way.


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