Returning Defective Controller for Replacement

  1. last week

    I have been advised that I should probably return our v5 controller for a replacement as it has a fault in it. I was wondering how vex is with turn around times. My fear is that if we send a controller in, we wont have it for many of our events. We still have 5 events this season including USF Signature and FL States and we cant afford to not have a controller for that. How does vex handle replacing things under warranty(send new and then I sent defective one back, I send defective and then they send new, etc.)?

  2. Rick TYler

    Jan 7 Teachers/Coaches, Event Partner, V5 Beta Moderator Redmond, Washington Founder of Exothermic Robotics
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    Call VEX on the phone and talk to them.


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