Can you dip Vex parts in a liquid rubber/flex seal for grip?

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Can you dip Vex parts in a liquid rubber/flex seal for grip or is it against the rules. I was planning on dipping my lifting forks for caps in it because i wasn't getting enough grip from rubber bands

  2. No.

  3. 1320D_Programmer

    Jan 7 Atlanta 1320D

    Yeah that's definitely a no.

  4. Got a Screw Loose

    Jan 7 Ohio 44833B

    To echo those prior to me, this is not legal.

    Vex sells antislip matting that is pretty similar to a lot of those found in stores. You could zip tie this to your robot to achieve the same effect.

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  6. Bhargav S.

    Jan 7 Maryland 952C

    I use mesh surrounded by rubber bands on mine, and its fine. Might want to try that instead of flex seal...

  7. Royal_Freedom

    Jan 7 Washington State 3249Z -- O.O.F.
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    you could also wrap rubber bands or pneumatic tubing around it...

  8. 7517j

    Jan 7 Pillow on my bed 7517J

    Never seen this, but maybe you could use the 1/8 inch nylon rope?

  9. last week


    Jan 10 Oak Park, Illinois 7183M

    haha no.

    But you could use anti-grip matting attached by rubber bands/zip ties to repeat those above me. I'd also say you can use pneumatic tubing.


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