Upstate SC Comp Referees

  1. 6 days ago

    I am hosting a MS event on January 26th in Powdersville, SC. I am looking for 2 experienced referees to manage the matches. Anyone nearby and interested (willing and available)?

  2. Adam T

    Jan 9 Event Partner Jenison, MI Jension Robotics
    Edited 6 days ago by Adam T

    Google says it's sunny and 56*F there, so if air fare is provided count me in! ;)

  3. Deleted 6 days ago by jonathans
  4. Deleted 6 days ago by jonathans
  5. @Adam T ha! I wish I had the funds!

  6. MayorMonty

    Jan 9 Greenville, SC 3796B

    Wish I could, but I'm going to a scrimmage that day. I'll reach out some people I know, however.


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